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  • 5 Point Strategy for Successful Website Development Projects

    A few days ago, I receive a call from one of our agency partners. They had been working with a development company on a website for about 5 months. The project had stagnated. Nothing had been done on the website in a few weeks. And, now, the client was starting to get upset. It was… [Read the full blog]

  • WordPress Plugin vs. Custom Development?

    A few weeks ago, one of my clients reported that their online payment page was no longer working. After some research, I discovered that a recent update to the plugin that drives the payment processing was conflicting with the website’s theme. Without going into too many details, we had to move the site over to… [Read the full blog]

  • 3 Characteristics of a Great Web Development Partner

    If you manage projects or if you own your own business, you’ve probably worked with a web development partner at least once before. And, if you’re like most people, you have definitely been burned at least once. The fact is, most web developers and development companies lack some key areas I’m about to discuss. I can’t… [Read the full blog]

  • Avoiding Website Development Scope Creep

    How To Manage Scope Creep and Keep Development Costs Down The final blog in this series “Staying on Budget in Web Development” is about managing website development scope creep. If your web team cannot manage scope creep, they will never end on budget. Real World Example About 3 years ago, I was working on a… [Read the full blog]

  • WordPress Security: 3 Ways To Not Get Hacked

    Many of us love WordPress for its amazing scalability as a content management system. I think of how we used to build websites 10 years ago. We had to build everything from the ground up. Now, with WordPress, free plugins can get us there with little to no effort. This allows us to spend more… [Read the full blog]

  • revive your social media

    Top 5 Ways To Revive Your Social Media

    Are you someone who has tried out this social media thing, but got stuck along the way? Maybe you don’t have time to put into it. So you have lost interest and motivation to stay consistent in your social media efforts. You’re not alone. 55% of all small businesses report that they struggle to develop… [Read the full blog]

  • Web Development Budget: Communication

    Is Your Website Developer Causing Budget Issues? Your website developer’s poor communication could be the reason for your web development budget issues. That’s a tough pill to swallow, especially as a website development company. At DevSavvy, we’ve learned the hard way that communication is at the heart of staying on budget. If you are a marketing director… [Read the full blog]

  • outsource your social media

    Should You Outsource Your Social Media Management?

    As you might already know, yes, entrepreneurs are busy people who learn to wear many hats. In their office, you’ll always find piles of invoices needing filing, partially managed projects and a full task list. Entrepreneurs notoriously have real intensions to work on their social media, but it rarely is a priority. Usually, it’s because social… [Read the full blog]

  • Does Your Web Development Partner Tend To Go Over Budget?

    The Problem Could Be Poor Documentation Look, no one is perfect. Every project has its challenges. But, if your web development partner constantly goes over budget, they likely aren’t setting expectations effectively.  And, this problem scales. So, the larger the project, the more over budget they will tend to go. That’s in part, their fault. I’ve… [Read the full blog]

  • Parallax or Paralysis?

    A current trend on the web is to use parallax scrolling instead of the traditional browser scrolling method. Parallax scrolling is a great technique used to tell a story by revealing elements and animations as the user scrolls down. And, when it comes to telling a story, I’m a huge fan of this technique. Here are… [Read the full blog]

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