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How It All Began

In 2006, we started with a mission to be a website development agency that provided unmatched service to our clients. As the internet became the driving force in marketing strategy, we could see a problem on the horizon.

Developers don’t speak the same language as marketers and designers. When a design is converted into code, there’s so much that can get lost in translation. As a result, projects can go longer than expected as these teams try to fix unexpected issues. We had to bridge that gap. And, we did.

Since those early beginnings, we have partnered with dozens of marketing and design agencies, providing fast and reliable website development for them and their clients. We speak their language, understanding the nuances so important to an effective strategy. We’ve built some powerful websites that still meet our client’s ever growing need to convert visitors into customers.

What Sets Us Apart?

We believe in customer service above everything else. It’s what makes us unique in an industry where just answering emails is uncommon. No matter your need, we’re a website development agency that will be there for you. And, no need is too small or too large. This attitude to customer service has helped us retain the vast majority of our clients for over a decade! We value:



Where We Go From Here

There are some new and exciting things happening at DevSavvy right now! We have grown our team, including new capabilities for social media and mobile app development.

We strive to be at the forefront of what’s happening in website development. Our focus is to build websites that are fast, reliable, responsive, and usable. We believe in results first. So, we won’t follow trends that don’t impact our clients’ bottom line. We aim to be the leading web development agency partner to professional firms as well as business that aspire to use their websites for increased ROI and lead generation.

“Nothing is too big or too small for DevSavvy. They are able to help us with small web edits that come up daily to large website redesigns and everything in between. They are our go to company to ask any questions about website functionality and coding.”

Michelle Turrentine  |  Account Executive
Superus® Marketing


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