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Why WordPress Plugin Updates Are Important

If you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, security issues are probably of little concern to you. It’s easy to leave the garage door open when you are taking out the groceries because you already feel safe. And, it’s common to see drivers forget to lock their car doors when you’re just running into the gas station for a quick soda. Safety is a feeling of confidence that your security is not being threatened.

But, when it comes to internet security, there isn’t a way to use intuition to “feel” that confidence. So, website security can be deceiving. Websites are vulnerable to hackers who may have devious plans to interfere with the workings of your website. Sure, sometimes hackers are fairly harmless, like teenage boys who bet each other that they can put a “my little pony” image on your home page without your knowledge. But other hackers have more dangerous intent. They prey upon websites that store data or obtain data during a transaction. These hackers plan to obtain such data and use it or sell it for criminal intent.

Hackers are preying upon websites that have old programming code and loose security measures. Like an animal who hunts, hackers prey upon websites that are considered weak and segregated from other standard practicing websites. They are looking for websites that aren’t using and maintaining standard practices for website performance.

So, this kind of news might disturb you and make you question your own website’s security. However, there are ways to prevent a security breach. The best ways include having someone monitoring the activity on your website on a regular basis. In addition, you want to make sure your website has best practices in programming code, shopping carts integrations and database management. In fact, WordPress, a content management system (CMS) for websites, often identifies newly discovered protections and requests users do a WordPress update. Many WordPress users don’t do these updates often enough and quickly become vulnerable to hackers.

DevSavvy offers a monthly maintenance package that offers internet security reviews for your website. If you’re not certain you have the right protection in place, contact us for a quick review. We are WordPress experts and we can ensures your website is optimized for website security.