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Should You Outsource Your Social Media Management?

As you might already know, yes, entrepreneurs are busy people who learn to wear many hats. In their office, you’ll always find piles of invoices needing filing, partially managed projects and a full task list. Entrepreneurs notoriously have real intensions to work on their social media, but it rarely is a priority. Usually, it’s because social media management is feels like a chore. And, it does not relate directly to income. Therefore, it falls to the bottom of the to-do list. Nod your head in agreement if you know what I’m talking about. So, should you outsource your social media management?

What do you get WITHOUT a social media manager?

1. A lack of brand exposure

How can you expect to sell more if fewer potential buyers know what you’re offering? Ideally, you should strategically plan out your marketing efforts through out the calendar year. But, there’s that common theme problem again. You just don’t have time. If you don’t put it together in a plan, you know it’s never going to happen. Seems like you should admit to needing help, right?

2. A lack of credibility

Can you expect to be an expert in your industry if you don’t have any online presence? Many of your target customers will review you online before deciding to do business. They are expecting to see value in your social media posts and a reflection of your brand. Since it isn’t there, you create a subconscious disconnect. And, it is a massive loss of opportunity!

3. A lack of being current

Without a social media presence, you’re telling your ideal customer that you’re an “old fashioned” business. The irony is that more & more millennials are entering the work place. Consequently, they are the decision-makers that will select vendors with whom to do business. Therefore, if you do not show up on the social media platforms where they are searching, they will dismiss you. A 2016 Digital Workplace Communications Survey conducted by the PRSA Employee Communication Section and APPrise Mobile discovered that millennials are forcing businesses to catch up.

4. A lack of online marketing

Without a social media manager, you will end up relying on old fashioned marketing tactics & in person networking to increase your reputation and credibility.  But, old practices are time consuming & hazardously non-scalable. How mind-blowing it is that time is the one commodity of which we cannot generate more? Yet, as entrepreneurs, we want to be able to do it all.  Your business marketing is important. So, don’t neglect it.

5. A lack of marketing focus

Entrepreneurs who try to do their own social media management know how much time it takes. It’s staggering how much focus a social media strategy takes out of you. So, if you’re busy running your business, you have little time to think about your social media needs. And, you certainly have less time to execute any strategies.

Yes, you should outsource your social media management.

When you outsource your social media duties, you conquer that feeling of guilt that you’re not doing enough. Also, you open up valuable time to grow your business. As a result, yes, I’m daring you! I’m challenging you to take time to finding the right person who will work within your budget and effectively bring positive exposure to your online brand.