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Are you a graphic designer looking for a reliable web developer? Since 2006, we have worked with design firms to build out their professional designs into clean HTML. Our agency-level service makes us the perfect website development partner to graphic designers like you.

Our design partners love that we care about every pixel. We know you do. So, when you send us a PSD, AI, or Adobe XD file, we will preserve your attention to detail in every line of code.


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“DevSavvy understands the gray area between design and programming. Most developers don’t see the smaller details that are designed as part of a website. When handing over a user interface design, we know that Brian and his team are going to do everything they can to have the coded site look as close to the design mockups we provide.”

Liz Snodgrass  |  Director of Creative Services
The Visualab


What We Do For Graphic Designers

Responsive Service

We provide fast response times for those urgent changes. Most requests are handled within 24 hours.


We are good with clients. So, if you need us there with you, or on a call, we’ll be there. We will answer key questions central to the success of every project.

Consultant and Thought Leader

You want an expert in your corner. So, we’ll be more than just a coder. We’ll be your consultant.

Cost Effective

Your client has a budget. We get it. Since you’re already billing your client for your time, we charge a fair hourly rate that will give you room to buffer for the unexpected.


You’ll never have the perfect project. Rush projects will happen. That’s ok. We can handle it. We’re flexible enough to adjust to every challenge.

Quality and Excellence

We work with agencies every day. That means we build it right the first time. For graphic firms, that means we’ll make sure your vision for the site comes through after all the code is done.


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